CHC Payor Contract Highlights and Resources

Learn more about CHC’s payor contracts – make it a habit to regularly check this page for updated information about each CHC payor contract, including important product/plan information, operational and administrative processes that are necessary to follow to ensure services you provide are covered and reimbursed, provider portal access links, sample member ID cards, and much more!

CAQH: Please update your provider CAQH profile. Insurers use CAQH to credential and re-credential doctors and other providers. Make sure the provider CAQH profile is set to allow access to all plans attempting to access the information.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois Commercial ACO (BCBSIL ACO) (effective 01/01/2017)

Since January 1, 2017, CHC has partnered with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois in a shared savings, upside-only Commercial ACO agreement built on a value-based incentive model that rewards CHC for meeting quality, performance, and cost targets. The ACO agreement utilizes a provider’s or group’s existing Blue Cross and Blue Shield PPO agreement and is not a new plan or HMO.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield ACO Improvement Initiatives

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Commercial ACO Quality Measures

Humana Coordinated Care Network (CCN) (effective 12/01/2017)

  • Humana Coordinated Care Network (CCN) is a “narrow network”- based care delivery model, consisting of seven provider systems or “micro-networks”
  • CHC is participating as part of the Loyola Physician Partners system

First Step – Create a Provider Portal Account

Provider Home Page

Important Phone Numbers

Sample ID Card

Comprehensive Provider Manual – See Provider manuals and related documents section

Provider Resources

MeridianComplete (formerly known as IlliniCare Health Medicare-Medicaid Plan ((IHMMP and formerly known as MeridianTotal)) (effective 06/26/2020)

Since 2017, CHC has participated with the IlliniCare Health Medicare-Medicaid Plan (“IHMMP”), a plan that covers individuals who have dual eligibility for both Medicare and Medicaid.

The parent company of IHMMP—Centene Corporation—recently sent notice that effective June 26,2020 the IHMMP name was being discontinued and the new, rebranded name of this plan would now be MeridianComplete.

The terms of CHC’s participation with IHMMP extend and carry over to MeridianComplete; as such, CHC providers are therefore considered in-network and participating with MeridianComplete, as of June 26. New ID cards bearing the MeridianComplete name and logo have been issued (a sample card, front and back, is available below), and members have been instructed by Centene to discard and no longer use the former IHMMP ID cards. Please advise any impacted staff that patients who present with an active MeridianComplete ID card should be accepted.

  • MeridianComplete is a Medicare Advantage D-SNP plan, or Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan
  • Individuals enrolled in D-SNP plans are eligible for coverage under Medicare (as primary) and Medicaid (as secondary)
  • Please note: CHC does not participate in Meridian’s Medicaid plan, Meridian Health,  HealthChoice Illinois Mediciad program.

First Step – Create a Provider Portal Account

Provider Home Page

Important Phone Numbers – see page 3

Comprehensive Provider Manual

Provider Resources

Sample ID Card – see page 8

Longevity Health Plan (effective 01/01/2019)

  •  Longevity is an Institutional Special Needs Plan, or I-SNP
  • I-SNP plans are a specialized type of Medicare Advantage plan for residents of skilled nursing facilities and other long-term care facilities , such as senior living or assisted living communities

First Step – Create a Provider Portal Account

Provider Home Page

Comprehensive Provider Manual

CAQH More Information

The Council on Affordable Quality Healthcare  (CAQH) is utilized across the healthcare and insurance industry as a centralized repository of provider information for credentialing and contracting purposes.

The health insurance credentialing and contracting process can be delayed and even abandoned by the insurer if information such a professional liability and licensure dates are not updated with CAQH.

Visit: to learn more and access or create a provider account.

When updating or creating a CAQH provider profile, one important aspect is allowing health plans permission to access the provider profile for credentialing and contracting purposes.

Tip sheet: how to allow all plans access to your CAQH profile