Chicago Health Colleagues Board of Managers

Jeff Good


James Draguesku, MD

Medical Director, Chairman

Mark Sinibaldi, MD

Paul Gordon, MD

Matthew Schmidt, MD

George Sreckovic, MD

Robert Sulo, MD

Tim Brosnan


Why Join Chicago
Health Colleagues?

We offer physicians the opportunity to improve outcomes for patients, identify and measure best practices, and receive financial benefits for positive clinical outcomes and cost management achievements.

A Physician-led Organization

We are physician-led. Our leadership structure demonstrates our dedication to helping our physicians maintain their independence while improving the quality of patient care and increasing the economic benefit to the doctor.

CHC Board & Committee Structure


Oversee monitoring of quality, utilization and overall clinical performance to enable CHC to demonstrate quality and effectiveness. Identify population health priorities that lead significant change and improvement in quality, cost and overall value of health care.

Practice Engagement and Communication

Assure member compliance with supplemental data reporting / submission. Oversee adoption of clinical guidelines, health maintenance reporting and integration of CHC’s care management and population health initiatives across the network through primary care and specialty practice redesign and improvement. Oversee CHC CME education program.

Membership and Compliance

Increase network member participation. Review practice pattern variations and out of network utilization. Hold members accountable for performance with network standards. Provide education and mentorship as needed. In collaboration with the CHC medical Director, provide physician credentialing and peer review interventions or oversight. Establish and oversee processes for member compliance of ACO and CIN.


Identification and prioritization of clinical guidelines for the network. Approval of guidelines and the analysis of clinical data including adoption / use of approved clinical guidelines. Provide physician credentialing and peer review referral as indicated to the Credentialing Committee and the CIN medical director.

Committee Meeting Schedule