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Open Letter from Terrence Moisan, M.D.

Dr. Moisan, M.D.After practicing medicine independently for 41 years, I recognize, and think you do too, that it has become increasingly challenging to be an independent physician. That’s why we created Chicago Health Colleagues, our clinically integrated network.

Monumental changes seriously impact the way physicians practice medicine today. First is the broad acceptance of Epic, the electronic medical records program we have chosen to use. It fulfills the requirements for both in-patients and outpatient care through the continuum of care concept that will be the basis for reimbursement.  Equally important are the Affordable Care Act and value-based payment bundling, both drastically altering the face of health insurance. These are tipping points for our profession, together shifting how independent physicians pursue their profession and how their patients seek care.

As a result, clinically integrated networks are emerging to provide independent physicians the support they need and to increase the caliber of their work. Chicago Health Colleagues is one of these networks.

You may join Chicago Health Colleagues with no risk. Financially, the network development is capitalized by a generous grant from the St. George Corporation. Additionally, Palos Health has invested more than $50 million in implementing Epic at the hospital and in the offices of Palos Medical Group. These changes along with the efforts of our employed and independent affiliate provider members have resulted in significant shared savings and notable quality improvements on many key metrics. We have seen success with our commercial ACO agreement as well as in the Next Generation ACO model, which we are participating with as part of the Loyola Chapter of Trinity Health ACO.

Because I value my independence as a physician, I understand your needs and concerns. I ensured that, as Chicago Health Colleagues evolved, those issues are addressed. The physicians who lead this clinically integrated network are closely attuned to our interests. Together, we will make this bridge into the future of medicine.  I hope you will join us.


Terrence C. Moisan, M.D.

Chicago Health Colleagues is:

  • A physician-led, physician-driven collaboration
  • A clinically integrated network designed to benefit its member physicians
  • Focused on improving the quality and efficiency of care, supported by reliable data
  • A means to coordinate health care providers to improve quality, reduce variability and reduce expense
  • An arrangement empowering the network to collectively negotiate contracts on behalf of its members
  • A legal structure allowing network members to be financially rewarded for demonstrated performance
  • A model that lays a foundation for the future realities of affordable, accountable health care

Chicago Health Colleagues is not:

  • A hospital-led initiative
  • A hospital takeover of private practice
  • Physician employment or a path to hospital employment
  • Intended to reduce choices or limit services
  • A mechanism to gain negotiating leverage over payers
  • An Independent Practice Association/ Physician Hospital Organization messenger contract model
  • A return to capitation (1980s) or an assumption of full financial risk

Why Join Chicago
Health Colleagues?

Our network is a lifeline for a private practice (data collection, analysis, proof of effort).

Did You Know?

You are welcome to join our network and to actively participate in our activities. You will be entitled to participate in our rewards in 2017.