Join Chicago Health Colleagues

Chicago Health Colleagues is:

  • A physician-led, physician-driven collaboration
  • A clinically integrated network designed to benefit its member physicians
  • Focused on improving the quality and efficiency of care, supported by reliable data
  • A means to coordinate health care providers to improve quality, reduce variability and reduce expense
  • An arrangement empowering the network to collectively negotiate contracts on behalf of its members
  • A legal structure allowing network members to be financially rewarded for demonstrated performance
  • A model that lays a foundation for the future realities of affordable, accountable health care

Chicago Health Colleagues is not:

  • A hospital-led initiative
  • A hospital takeover of private practice
  • Physician employment or a path to hospital employment
  • Intended to reduce choices or limit services
  • A mechanism to gain negotiating leverage over payers
  • An Independent Practice Association/ Physician Hospital Organization messenger contract model
  • A return to capitation (1980s) or an assumption of full financial risk

Why Join Chicago
Health Colleagues?

Our network is a lifeline for a private practice (data collection, analysis, proof of effort).

Did You Know?

You are welcome to join our network and to actively participate in our activities.