Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chicago Health Colleagues’ Clinically Integrated Network?

Our clinically integrated network (CIN) is an organization of physicians collaborating with Palos to provide value by coordinating care efficiently and to measure quality through the delivery of evidence-based care.

How will Chicago Health Colleagues help physicians?

We will:

  • Engage primary care and specialist physicians.
  • Enhance data systems so that patient care may be coordinated among several physicians.
  • Implement data-proven and data-driven best practices for clinical protocols and pathways.
  • Align doctors and hospitals in saving costs and sharing financial benefits.
  • Improve the overall quality of patient care and patient satisfaction.

What is the benefit of joining?

Chicago Health Colleagues offers physicians the opportunity to create evidence-based initiatives and performance standards to measure the quality, effectiveness, and cost efficiency of healthcare services.

Who may join our CIN?

All physicians who meet the eligibility criteria may join Chicago Health Colleagues. Those who are not members of the Palos Hospital medical staff may need to apply for privileges. There is no fee to join Chicago Health Colleagues.

Who will join our CIN?

Physicians who are employed or independent will join Chicago Health Colleagues. They will be dedicated to raising the quality of care, being accountable, and meeting specific performance goals.

What must physicians do to join?

Physicians must share data and patient information that Chicago Health Colleagues determines desirable to accomplish effective clinical integration. They will agree to treat all enrollees in a payer’s plan that has a contract with Chicago Health Colleagues. They must sign a participation agreement authorizing Chicago Health Colleagues to negotiate payer contracts. The Membership and Credentialing Committee has developed specific participation criteria.

What is expected of member physicians?

Physicians participate in patient care and management, including data tracking and benchmarking. Physicians are invited to sit on our committees.

Who determines clinical protocols within the CIN?

Chicago Health Colleagues’ physician-led Board of Managers and the Quality Committee encourage physicians to use evidence-based protocols. Each physician has full autonomy to make clinical decisions for his/her patients. A benefit of belonging to Chicago Health Colleagues is access to our physician resource center.

Must physicians refer patients to network members?

In-network referral allows efficient data collection, promotes coordination and continuity of care, and contributes to evidence-based medicine. In-network referrals are encouraged, but not required.

How is data collected?

Chicago Health Colleagues’ committee on Information Technology will establish guidelines for data collection. Chicago Health Colleagues may contribute to the financial cost of setting up the data collection program in the participating physician’s office.

How is Chicago Health Colleagues a different type of CIN?

Chicago Health Colleagues is physician-led. Our leadership structure demonstrates our dedication to helping our physicians maintain their independence while improving the quality of patient care, reducing its expense, and sharing in the economic benefits.

What are the next steps?

For more information, please call (708) 923-5242 or email


Did You Know?

Physicians may contract collectively through Chicago Health Colleagues without violating antitrust laws because we are a genuine clinically integrated network.

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