Chicago Health Colleagues Goals

Our Goals

Chicago Health Colleagues is focused on helping our physicians care for patients by developing a dependable patient care system based on the metrics of evidence-based care. The results are improved quality of care, reduced variability in outcomes, and increased reliability of results.

Performance Reporting
Chicago Health Colleagues will utilize claims and EMR data to identify opportunities to reduce variation (e.g.cost, quality, disparities in care).

Continue member performance reporting.

Clinical Guidelines
Continue to develop and educate members regrading new evidence-based clinical guidelines supporting population health.

Use data to review variations in care and compliance with guidelines.

Care Coordination
Chicago Health Colleagues will use available analytics to review and guide care coordination efforts.

Increase patient referrals for care coordination and use of Palos Health chronic care clinics.

Through member education and engagement, Chicago Health Colleagues will demonstrate compliance and  improvement in quality metrics and performance.

Increase patient engagement through use of available technology (e.g. MyChart) as well as patient registries.

Clinical Integration
Collaborating and using technology, Chicago Health Colleagues will achieve clinical information flow between CHC, members, Palos Health and payors (supplemental data submission).