Chicago Health Colleagues Goals

Our 2018 Goals

Chicago Health Colleagues is focused on helping our physicians care for patients by developing a dependable patient care system based on the metrics of evidence-based care. The results are improved quality of care, reduced variability in outcomes, and increased reliability of results.

Performance Reporting
Chicago Health Colleagues will develop performance dashboards to facilitate member care gap closure, performance monitoring, feedback and benchmarking.

Clinical Guidelines
Minimum of three new evidence-based clinical guidelines supporting population health management will be identified and implemented by Chicago Health Colleagues in 2018.

Care Coordination
Chicago Health Colleagues will establish a care coordination model to assist members with care coordination and management of their higher risk patients and those with multiple chronic diseases.

Member Engagement
Through member education and cooperation Chicago Health Colleagues will achieve demonstrable improvements in ACO quality metrics and performance.

Clinical Integration
Collaborating and using technology, Chicago Health Colleagues will achieve two-way information flow between members and Palos Health designed to improve quality and efficiency of care.